Wind energy

As one of the leading service providers in Europe, we are currently supporting 25 different types of turbines and a fleet of more than 3 GW.

Our services include:

Mechanical and electrical maintenance

Replacement of components (e.g. hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, UPS, etc.)

Safety inspection of the PSagA

Electrical testing according to DGU V3

Retrofitting and conversion, e.g. night markings according to requirements

Solar energy

The ESG Energy Service Group is your competent solution provider for ground-mounted PV systems in the field of photovoltaics. We work nationwide and can guarantee quick deployment on your PV system, ensuring you a high-level return on investment.

Our services include:

Inspection of the substructure as well as inspection of the modules and the wiring (VDE0105-100)

Measurements in accordance with VDE0105-100 and inspection in accordance with DGUV V3

Electrical periodic testing of: Loop resistance, protective conductor resistance, tripping residual current, insulation resistance

Measurement of string currents, open-circuit voltages, insulation values. String currents (comparative) measurement with clamp ammeter with preparation of a measurement report

Maintenance of generator junction boxes (screw connections, terminals, fuses, safety)

Inverter and grid connection maintenance

Monitoring of your PV system 24/7


Hydrogen technology is currently in its early stages. The ESG Energy Service Group has been involved from the very beginning, specialising in the maintenance and servicing of PEM electrolysers. We design our services according to your needs and plant development status.

Our services include:

Individual maintenance and servicing

Inspections according to legal requirements

Spare parts

We maintain a broad network of suppliers in order to meet the most demanding procurement requirements in the area of spare parts supply. This applies to all three business areas, wind, photovoltaics and hydrogen. Contact us! Contact us!